VIM incrementing number by one command

VIM is my favorite editor for nearly everything. Even I use it since 1996 there is still much to learn about it.
Today I wanna share my latest VIM knowlegde gain 🙂

The challenge is: How do I put incrementing number in front of each line?

The solution is:

let c=0|,$ g/^/ let c=c+1|s/^/\=c/


  1. define a variable “c” and initialize it with 0
  2. start at the current line until the last on the file “,$” (sure you can choose what ever you need)
  3. “g/^/” do it for all lines matching, thought I do it for all lines because every line has a beginning 🙂
  4. increment the varialbe c by 1 “let c=c+1”
  5. replace the begining of the line with the varialbe. to use the varaible you need to reference it like this “\=c”

Quote: “Share knowledge, gain wisdom” (Thomas Rieder)